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Game Production Acceleration Programme for African Designers/Entities Opens

In the wake of the Enter Africa programme, a project implented by Goethe Institut accross 15 African Countries (Senegal, Cote D’Ivoire, Ghana, Burkinna faso, Togo, Cameroon, South Africa, Nigeria, DRC, Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Namibia), the network and Goethe Institut have been developing new ways for future cooperation and partnerships across and beyond the continent. One of these important partners is the French-German Acceleration programme SpielFabrique, with whom the Goethe team have reached the next level of cooperation: the creation of an Enter Africa Video Game Co-production Platform!


The overall objectives of this co-production platform is to create a pipeline of African video game studios, start-ups and game developers from the Enter Africa Network and to foster co-production between African creators and European studios and/or video game developers in order to commercialize African-made video games. The call for application for the first set of this programme opens on Wednesday, 30 October 2019.

Thierry Baujard is CEO of the pan-European investment network which focuses on investing in the creative industry

All interested individuals or studios from the 15 Enter Africa countries can apply to the online platform with a video game concept or a video game prototype. Applications can be submitted either in French or in English. The deadline for application is 15 December 2019. Among the submitted projects, a jury of experts will select finalists who will pitch online their projects to a final jury in January 2020. At the end, two game projects will be chosen for a co-production with European developers or studios, with the final objective to sell the games on the African and European gaming markets.


Enter Africa Exhibitors at the Gamescom 2019.

This co-production platform offers a great opportunity for African individuals, studios or collectives to establish partnerships with European game creators and produce high-quality games to be sold also outside the African continent. This platform is explicitly open to all individuals, studios or collectives in the 15 countries of the Enter Africa network. This provides the opportunity for Enter Africa to promote its local gaming-ecosystems and establish itself not only as a gateway to, but also for African creators

More information about the conditions of participation and the link to the application platform can be found here.

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