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Sasai, an African response to WeChat

Cassava Fintech, a Southern African company on the team of Econet Wireless has launched an app to rival the Chinese super-app, WeChat. Launched in August 2019, the app already has almost a million users across different platforms. With Sasai, the question is not if the app will challenge the African market leaders in the genre like Whatsapp and Telegram, the question is when Sasai will be the singular most powerful app in the region; and from our viewport, that time is soon here.

Leveraging on the Group’s viral payment system, Ecocash, Sasai brings together social payment, social chat (text, audio and video), networking, interactive play, African emojis and sticker needs, in one place. It also plans to unveil new services in its next update coming up in March 2020.

Sasai is not the first platform in Africa attempting to combine social messaging apps with the mobile money payments system. Kenya’s Safaricom launched Bonga (later renamed Zwuup!) but with little success.

Sasai tested out remittance to Nigeria from South Africa in December 2019 with zero charges. Users can also chat and place voice calls on the app but the app is not officially launched in Nigeria.

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