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Nigeria trails Mali, Togo and Ghana in Broadband Speed.

Despite the increased clamour for the 5G network, Nigeria has not fully harnessed the potential of the 4G broadband speed with a mean download speed that has peaked at 1.56Mbps across different networks and providers in the country despite the potential speed of 100Mbps for a 4G network.

The recently released report by the Worldwide broadband speed league 2019, rated Nigeria at 176 below Mali, Malawi and Togo out of 207 countries rated globally. It is also of note that Nigeria’s rating has consistently fallen in the past three years (from 95th position in 2017 to 152nd position in 2018 and now at 176th). Madagascar leads in Africa’s broadband speed with the mean download speed of 22.6Mbps while South Africa, Mauritius and Ghana are in the top 10 countries with the fastest broadband in Africa. Nigeria has however witnessed an increased broadband penetration in the past 5 years which was 6% in 2013 but is now at 33.08%.

Meanwhile, Nigeria’s Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Dr. Isa Ali Ibrahim Pantami, has inaugurated a Committee for the development of a new National Broadband Plan 2020-2025 that will be a guiding template for the development of the telecom sector in the next 5 years. It is hoped that this will not only translate to a coverage growth but also focus on the increase in the quality of the broadband services across the country.

The Research designed and compiled by, and gathered by M-Lab, an open-source project is led by teams based at Code for Science and Society, New America’s Open Technology Institute, Google, Princeton University’s PlanetLab.

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